Canadian Economic Strategy Foundation

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Canada Economic Strategy Foundation is a Canadian non-for-profit organization. Its principal role is "to protect the relationship between Canadian economy and residents". It makes in-depth investigation and research about government economic policies, and also analyzes some ways to keep Canada in an invincible global position in the coming decade.

Themes and Publications

Our themes and publications provide updated, clear and actionable information, research and analysis from Foundation staff and other experts. Through a daily digest of Canada-Global business and government news to monthly, quarterly and annual reports, surveys and polls, our suite of publications informs and stimulates the ongoing Canada-Global conversation.

Performance and Statistics

Statistics on a wide range of aspects of Canada’s involvement with world-wide countries including trade, investment, people flows and profiles of Canada’s ethnic Asian population. Trade statistics are updated quarterly; those on investment annually; and those on immigration and population either annually or as new national census data is released.

Strategy Structure

C.E.S.F have strategy plans of targeting Asian, European, American and African markets. Meanwhile, there are multiple different functional departments to implement authorized policies which related to different industries. However, we will focus on energy resource industry and emerging Science and technology industry such as  physics, chemistry and medicine. 

Canadian Economic Strategy Foundation